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    • Design

      At Ideus Technologies we take pride in creating work of the highest possible standards. This is the place where solutions are explored. From layout to interactive prototype, this stage defines the design and functionality of the end product, mixing creative solutions with a sense of practicality.

    • Technology

      Ideus Technologies is committed to achieving the right balance between world-class engineering and inspiring designs. Our technologists have the desire and skill to push boundaries and innovate – without losing sight of usability and robustness.

    • Products

      Ideus Technologies leverage rich technology and domain expertise to build world class products that help our clients to constantly innovate,improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large portfolios at reduced costs. Ideus Create products that are simple, consumable, intuitive, and sticky, with user-centric design.

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      For the success of any design it is important to have good IA. We work very closely with the content owners to review the current information and create improved hierarchies and taxonomies – streamlining the structure of content, how it's organized and how users access it. This process is vital to project success, especially on large-scale portals such as Sesa Intranet & Xperiencegoa.


      Ideus Technologies’ approach towards Usability pivots on our passion to create engaging user experiences. We focus on key concepts such as ease of use, memorability and enjoyment. Our goal has always been and continues to be creating designs that people not only find easy to use, but love to use as well.


      The behavior of a website or application, and how users control that behavior, is of greatest importance in understanding the user desires and in meeting the project's objectives. We have a team of interaction design specialists who work through the process, from initial workshops and whiteboard sketches, right through to the development of highly-detailed wireframes and functional specs.


      Visual design and aesthetics affect user confidence in and comfort with your application. To attain a polished and professional look we have hired only passionate and gifted designers, who share our desire for pixel perfection. Our products are identifiable for their visual uniqueness.


      Design doesn't stop when the final screen comps are signed off. Our design team produces complete style guides. These guides detail exactly how each element of the end product should look and behave – from animation speed and button mouse-over states, to typography rules and color guidelines.

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      At Ideus Technologies we combine beautiful design with best-of-breed engineering. Pixel-perfect execution on the design front is seamlessly integrated with cross-browser compatibility and standard-compliance for client development as well as robust and scalable code on the server side. Our technology team is adept at using both client and server-side development using languages such as Javascript, PHP, .NET and more.


      Mobility has become a essential part of our life. We at Ideus Technologies believe that we can transform your organisation's mobile potential to reality. With you, we will define and implement your mobile strategy to create solutions that better serve your customers and workforce. We have in house as well as partner experts in various mobile platforms.


      To cater to your specific needs we help you build custom applications that will ease and automate your day-to-day problems. With a design & technology approach we ensure a better user experience without compromising performance. This approach has proven to be a recipe for success for projects such as the Idea Management, E-learning, and Insurance Management Systems.


      We are the ones who can help you make smarter decisions from better intelligence. We have the expertise to turn your business data into information and your information into intelligence. We have helped several clients to process the bulk of their information into compact business strategies.


      The rapid growth of social media excites and inspires us. Ideus Technologies is a passionate driver of and participant in the social evolution and we closely engage with our clients so that they become a part of it, too. Providing a viral gateway to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is a key consideration for all our client work.

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    • Innovation Management Platform

      Innovation Management Platform (IMP) is used by the world’s leading brands to invent new products and services, reduce costs, increase employee engagement, and improve customer experience. Leveraging crowdsourcing, purpose driven social collaboration, game mechanics, and big data analytics, IMP helps companies identify and execute transformative ideas from their employees and customers to drive business outcomes. Read More

    • NEXGEN Asset Management

      Ideus in collaboration with NEXGEN AM provides a comprehensive asset management software solution. We have combined a robust computer maintenance management system (CMMS) with advanced asset planning tools, resulting in the ultimate asset management system. Organizations are required to prioritize capital expenditures and control operational costs. Read More

    • Ideus E-commerce Platform

      Over the years, Ideus Technologies has focused extensively on being a solutions provider of full-life–cycle e-commerce solutions (custom and integrations based) and specialized Integrator and solutions provider for core-commerce building blocks.
      Read More