Innovation Management Platform

, is used by the world’s leading brands to invent new products and services, reduce costs, increase employee engagement, and improve customer experience.

Leveraging crowdsourcing, purpose driven social collaboration, game mechanics, and big data analytics, IIP helps companies identify and execute transformative ideas from their employees and customers to drive business outcomes.

Key Features

Engaging User Interface

Capture and refine idea feedback through employee interactions, votes, ratings, comments, and reviews.

Analytics and Tracking

Influence the movement of ideas on the platform and provide insight into actionable ideas.


Enable collaboration that is aligned with organizational purpose and goals. Challenges enable communities to focus on solving a specific business need on a timeline.

Game Mechanics

Engages users to increase productivity and drive business value through game dynamics such as social recognition, virtual currency, and market simulations.

Idea Graduation

Incorporate graduation thresholds that automatically advance the most promising ideas.


Convert virtual currency into actual prizes in a customizable store to provide a financial incentive to participate.

How it Works

Create Challenges

Create Challenges

User creates challenge in the system

Submit Idea

Submit Idea

People can contribute their ideas for the challenge or can submit their own unique ideas to improve company processes

Idea Selection

Idea Selection

The best idea is selected by the core team based on the idea viability as well as the peoples response through comments, votes

Project Creation

Project Creation

The selected idea is further converted into a project. Team members are assigned to the project and overseen by project committee

Making Best Practice

Making Best Practice

On successfully completion of the project, the project will be labeled as Best Practice

User Reference

User Reference

Once the best practice is published employees will be able to access it across the glob and apply the best practices with in their working environment

How can your organisation benefit with Ideus Innovation Platform ?

  • Invent disruptive new products and create new revenue streams.
  • Increase employee engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Reduce costs through process innovation
  • Make innovation a predictable, repeatable, and quantifiable business process in your organisation.

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